Aoifa Ni Ailish


The Rohirrim burned her village.As they have many villages before. Nothing was left.

She grieved.

She travelled to the forest where Elrond Halfeven lived. Because even in the burned lands of the Dunelding where the Rohirrim had asked no quarter and given none, even there the name of Elrond Halfelven was respected. And she had heard that he was just.

Elrond Halfeven promised to protect her people. To save them from the Rohirrim, with their horses and their torches and their fire. To ensure that no more villages would be destroyed.

And that’s why she travels with a King and a Publican. Into a strange land where the best bet is that no-one’s going to get out of here alive.

Because she still believes in the possibility of hope.


Aoifa Ni Ailish

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