Kivi son of Kili

Young brown haired Drawf, clearly a craftsman and a trader.


Kivi Is, for a dwarf. slightly taller and slightly skinner. His hair and eyes are brown, the former of which is cropped to the shoulder.

He wears a short neat beard.

Kivi wears human clothes as he grew up in human towns, his father leaving his pregnant mother to go find a fortune for them all to live on before he was born. Kivi and his mother got by on what little they had, never seeing him again.

Having no toys as a child Kivi tied together bundles of sticks with reeds to make dolls. As he grew up he found all manner of cast offs to make into clever and fun toys for the children around him. As an an adult, while his brethren where learning to wield and axe, Kivi was learning to wield delicate tools to install clockwork into his figures, or carve fine wood-works.

Now a man in his own right, Kilison Toys are popular in human and Dwarvish towns alike across the lands. The last challenge for Kivi is… sell his toys to the Elves…


Kivi son of Kili

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